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Accessories from Quilters Corner
A few of our Favorite Things...
We have a good variety of thread and accessories at Quilters Corner

Having the right tools and accessories for any quilting project can make the difference between a relaxing and fun quilting experience and a frustrating one! You spend lots of time choosing the just the right pattern and selecting the perfect fabrics- so don't forget to add the right needles and threads to complete your project. We carry a wide variety of threads, needles, rulers, marking pencils and more at Quilters Corner. And if there is something you need and don't see - don't hesitate to ask.

The selections offered on this page are a few of our very favorite tools and accessories- all the needles, threaders, and other accessories we can't live without!

And for those of you interested in Silk Ribbon Embroidery- scroll down to the bottom of the page because Jen has added her line of Hand Dyed Silk Ribbons to our web site- luscious variegated shades of silk ribbon in both 4mm and 7mm widths!

Needles and Needle Threaders

John James Sharps - Size 12

John James Sharps

These slender applique needles are ideal for perfect, tiny, applique stitches and Jen thinks they are the best for needleturn applique.

Price: $7.30 per pkg.

Richard Hemming and Son Milliners- Size 10

Richard Hemming and Son Milliners

Whether you enjoy hand piecing or hand applique- these needles are perfect for either one. With a comfortable length and large eye these will help you stitch your way to success!

Price: $2.20 per pkg.

Richard Hemming and Son Betweens- Size 8, 9, 10, 11

Richard Hemming and Son Betweens

When it comes to hand quilting these betweens are our favorite. Easily make those small even stitches without having bent needles.

Price: $2.38 per pkg.

Price: $2.38 per pkg.

Price: $2.90 per pkg.

Price: $2.90 per pkg.

Clover Double Needle Threader

John James Sharps

This small and easy to tote needle threader is perfect for the stitcher on the go! It will easily tuck into your sewing box and since it has a slip on plastic cover for both sizes of threading wires- it will not get damaged when you toss it among your other tools.

Price: $4.25 each.

Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon


Hand Dyed Silk Ribbons

Silk ribbon embroidery can be a wonderful addition to your quilted projects and hand dyed silk ribbon adds something special with the soft variegated shades. Jen has offered to add them to our web site since a good selection of silk ribbon is getting harder to find. Although, we will not have these ribbons available in the shop- you will be able to find them here "anytime"!